What Are Hemp Genetics? - Starting With The Basics

What are hemp genetics and why does it matter?

This question right here is one that we get more times than not, for that, we're going to dive deeper into the subject and help you understand as well.

With Cannabis having such a controversial history, it is definitely a topic many can't ignore. It has grown to be legalized in multiple states and continuing to expand over time as laws change and people adapt. What that means for hemp enthusiast like us, is that now that it's legal in certain states and we can begin to grow it and use hemp to make a difference in the world.

The hemp plant has a variety of benefits for people and for that, people have used it from its smokable form to wearing clothes made out of hemp. One of the biggest twists is that hemp is being worldly recognized to be used to help with pain, anxiety, stress and many other conditions. How? by cultivating hemp genetics the right way to take away the psychoactive chemical, THC, and focusing on the helpful property, CBD.

So how does hemp genetics work?

When cultivating hemp plants, one must ensure that the "genetics" (otherwise chemical makeup of the seed) has no trace of THC up to .03% for it to be used as a natural remedy.

Once you ensure that the seed's DNA is correct, you can begin to farm and take care of your plant knowing when it produces its "harvest", seeds and flower, it is a great product, producing 99% feminized seeds and able to be reused to plant more.


Another method that's widely used in the cultivating process is to create clones of the plant. It might sound complicated, but the simplified version of a clone is an identical replica of the plant's composition to ensure the correct fruits from the crop. When clones are cut from the mother plant and when placed in proper soil, it will begin to grow roots of its own and eventually turn into a mother plant and produce the proper harvest, just as the plant it came from.


From the offspring of industrial hemp plants, people take the flowers and divide the chemical makeup as they scientifically turn the CBD elements into oils, creams and even vapors that help people with certain needs as a natural remedy source. That's the reason it's crucial to know the quality of your genetics and trust the provider.


Here at Valley High Genetics, we strive to have the highest quality hemp genetics available to all who want to begin cultivating anywhere they're at in the world. Our master growers have 35+ collective years in the hemp cultivating field. Not only do they worry about how it grows, they must also pay attention to every detail from water PH levels, to the percentage amount chemical mixtures in the seed. With all that knowledge and expertise, we deliver a product that is second to none and ensure the highest level of satisfaction.  

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