2019 USA CBD Expo Miami


USA CBD Expo in Miami Beach 2019

On the weekend of August 2-4, over 5,000 participants from all over the world traveled to Miami Beach for one of the largest CBD industry events worldwide and we, Valley High Genetics, showed up ready to share our story with the world.

The CBD expo was an industry wide trade show where hundreds of CBD companies were there showcasing their products, new strains and other cool stuff. We knew that was one of the best ways to launch our brand and have people see (and feel) what we're all about.

The VHG team traveled from all across the country to be at the expo and bring out best foot forward. Some of us traveled in vans from the west coast and some of us flew. We knew we'd be a game changer since we were one of the only hemp genetics companies who provide the source of CBD, the mother plants, feminized seeds and clones.

Valley High Genetics Team I USA CBD Expo


The event was a huge success for everyone who was a part of it because it allowed people who might be curious about what exactly CBD is, what products are available to market and what products will be coming out as they got to try samples, learn the science behind it and more. As we knew most people would be out there showcasing their tinctures, vapes, drinks and edible products, we knew we'd capture people's eyeball by showcasing where everyone's products come from, the plants themselves. 

When people walked by our booth, they couldn't anything but captivated by the beauty of the plants themselves. For many people, it was the FIRST time seeing a hemp plant while for others, it was the first time they got to really smell a plant and ask all types of various questions about the plants, how the process work along with the common and our favorite "what's the difference between Hemp and MJ?".

People Taking Photos With VHG Plants

Our master growers and team were all there to ensure we were giving the people who were curious, not only the proper education on their questions, but also a first hand look, feel and smell of our mother plants. People were so excited, they lined up every day to take photos, experience first hand and find out how they could be apart of culture and how they could begin to understand the wonders of the hemp plant.

VHG Master Grower Kyle Educating The Consumers

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to get to know our customers from all around the globe, shake hands and talk with them along with demonstrating first hand why we wake up everyday excited to do what we do, so that we can bring a great experience and product to the market. We also got to see first hand the new upcoming products that other companies had and got to befriend a lot of them, since this is an industry with lots to prosper and friends to be made.

Coming out of the event, we were shocked at how great of a time we had, how many people were sharing our photos on social media AND were blessed to be announced in articles from Zdnet.com and UPI.com, both reputable online information sites.

VHG Featured in Zdnet publications

The event allowed us to expand from the US alone and opened doors for us to be available in other countries, which will be announce when VHG is available internationally.

We loved our time there and loved engaging with our customers so we want to thank you for participating, getting to meet you and provide quality hemp genetics to you soon!

We'll leave you with a quote from one of the articles that we were featured in "As with any trade show, there were a lot of products to be seen, and many of them were very similar, highly marketing and branding focused, with not a lot of product differentiation between them" but "Valley High Genetics had a few of its own hemp plants on display" and they were a huge hit!

We're currently working on our upcoming expo schedule and definitely be expecting us to be showing up at a location near you. Sign up for our email list to find out where we're going to be next year, so you can come feel, smell and take photos with our plants like everyone in Miami did.


Thank you for being apart of our awesome experience!


-Valley High Genetics


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